Vancouver – Creme de la Crumb

I swear, I had the intention of walking straight to my bus stop, ignoring the lure of sales, new items in stock and the overall spectacle that is downtown Vancouver.  I had the best of intention to keep walking straight down Granville and block  sensory of anything that requires me to pull out my wallet and spend money I really don’t have.

And as if I had lost all sense of my own muscle movement and the ability to control my brain, I some how, found myself inside the warm bakery of Creme de la Crumb.

I’ve read reviews on this little bakery.  At 7 in the morning, it was still getting set up and with the beat of the small kitchen aid mixer in the back ground and the smell of fresh cinnamon buns, I was hooked.

Despite the temptation of eating a buttery cinnamon bun loaded with sugar and possibly awesomeness, I settled with a pear and vanilla bean scone.  It was light, full of simple flavors, crispy on the outside and fresh from the oven.  I think I found my favorite ‘on the way to work’ breakfast stop.

Creme de la Crumb Bakeshop and Catering – 466 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC,

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Update: March 24

So a few times, I’ve opted to try another scone at Creme de la crumb which is equally, if not I dare say, better than the pear and vanilla bean.  Ladies and gents, here is the white chocolate, cranberry and orange scone.

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  1. lol ariella this bake shop is owned by a couple who used to go to fraserlands. it’s such a small world eh?


    • I know!…I maybe mistaken, but I think she’s also somewhat distantly related to Auntie Lorraine.

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