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My sister is getting married!  I love weddings; they are so fun to attend because it’s part of a couple’s special day.  But for me, weddings in the family mean reunions.  Happy reunions.

My family has gone through so much these past few years and so any meeting that doesn’t have to do with funerals or sickness is such a relief and welcomed blessing.

Growing up, I always thought about what it would be like when either my sister and I get married, it’s quite incredulous to think that it’s actually happening relatively soon.  Time passes by so soon but I refuse to get older.

As the maid of honor, I planned her stag.  We started off with dinner near her house before heading up to Whistler.  Since most of her friends aren’t familiar with each other, I tried to pick a restaurant that was relatively quiet, intimate and provided a friendly atmosphere for everyone to get to know each other.  This task proved to be a little bit hard considering that hockey playoffs just started and practically every restaurant was blaring the game on.  Hence,  this is how I found Red Sea Cafe.

Red Sea Cafe caters to a variety of eaters – vegetarians and carnivores a like.  Carla and Kelly shared a veggie platter.  I’m not too sure which items they choose, but the veggie platter is essentially five items from their vegetarian section.  The rest of us each had the combo platter which is one veggie and one meat item.

I chose a red lentil stew and beef.  The lentils were very fragrant and delicious.  The meat? well…based on the description in the menu, I thought they were large pieces of meat seared medium rare.  What I was given was ground beef, very rare.  I do like medium rare meat in things like say prime rib and steak, but rare ground beef? that’s a bit adventurous, even for me.

I love trying out new cuisines, particularly those from an ethnicity that isn’t as popular or well known.  There are endless Japanese restaurants in the lower mainland, but only a few places that serve authentic Ethiopian food.  With this type of food, you need to let go of the fork or knife, your only eating utensil is your fingers.

All meals are served with and extra plate of injera, a very spongey flatbread.  The amount of food is slightly deceiving – we all left the restaurant completely stuffed.  The portions appear quite standard, but injera is quite filling.

Eating with one’s hands, coupled with friendly conversation, it’s a good way to get to know each other and to kick off the start of lovely weekend.

Red Sea Cafe – 670 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC

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  1. Congrats to your sister on her upcoming wedding, it is always lovely to celebrate the nuptials of someone so close and dear to you, and I am sure you are without a doubt, looking forward to the BIG Day as anxiously as your sister :D That was a really great party you organized for her, with thoughts on vegan meals and non-vegan to suit everyone :)
    Injera sounds good, although I have never tried it myself :D I love the lentils though, and I am sure this must have been a blast of a party!!~ :D

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