Abbotsford – A pleasant surprise

Do you ever have those days where things randomly fall into place? Plans just happen on a whim and new discoveries are made?

Essentially, this describes my visit to Abbotsford in a nutshell.

Earlier that day, I was on twitter (I tend to be the stalking type, rather than the tweeting type) and saw an event I wanted to visit.  Various sellers from Abbotsford/Langley were selling a collection of vintage furniture and home pieces along with homemade treats and crafts.  Basically, it only took a glimpse at the banner to realize I wanted to go.  Problem is, I wasn’t too keen on the whole Abbotsford part.  Nothing against Abbotsford, it just seemed kind of far.  Then again, travelling to downtown takes about the same time and I make that trek practically everyday.

Off I went to Abbotsford with friends in tow…it turned out to be a lovely, yet small event.  I got to meet quite a few charming vendors and pick up some nice items.  Not to mention, I personally get a thrill from bargaining for a good deal.  Armed with a few purchases, I realized we had some time to kill.

A few months back, I made the upgrade to an iphone.  Much to my own chagrin, I find that I’m always on it…and I unwillingly admit that it’s permanently attached to my hand.  However, such useful apps lead me to discover this quaint little tea shop in Abbotsford.

Much to our luck, Traceycakes bakery was still opened….for another hour, just the perfect amount of time.

The inside was very cute and charming.  Black and White decor, chandelliers, painted chalkboard walls, vintage cups and furniture.  It reminded me a lot of my visit to Adonia Tea House.  Tea houses are quite alike.Turtle cheese cake.  Quite small to share between 3 people but then again, when you’re killing time before eating dinner, small isn’t too bad.

Vanilla latte.  Not too strong, no latte art….a bit lukewarm. It’s ok, it came in this really cute china cup.  I’m easily impressed with cookware.

On the day we went, we missed out on a candy shoppe and other tea shops….Abbotsford, you surprise me, I guess you’re worth another visit!

Traceycakes Bakery and Cafe – 101 2636 Montrose Avenue, Abbotsford, BC,
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  1. Nice post! I moved to Abbotsford two years ago after spending my whole life in Vancouver. I really like it and there are definitely some gems. Check out Clayburn Village Store when you return. They do tea service :)

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