New York – Nectar Cafe

With a schedule in hand, my mom and I embarked on an adventure in New York.  While I was set to start the day, my mom was ready to start on her first cup of coffee.

We found a neat cafe nearby called Nectar Cafe. My mom really wanted something with smoked salmon, so we ordered a lox eggs bennie.  What we received was something different than your typical eggs benedict and a much larger portion than anticipated.  Served in a deep dish bowl, eggs and salmon were layered on a bed of croissants with an accompaniment of hashbrowns. I have a weird tendency to drown my hashbrowns in syrup; I think it tastes better.

Next up….

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is huge.  We were there for several hours; each room leading into another and another room.  I was disappointed that some of the exhibits I had wanted to see where no longer running, but even so, it was a great visit.

Nectar Coffee Shop – 1090 Madison Ave, New York, NY
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