New York Expectations

While planning my trip to NYC, I did a lot of research on best places to eat and see.  It was my first trip so I did have some high expectations.  When I think of New York City, I immediately think it’s synonymous with “good food”.  As such,  I expected to experience good food but I have to say now that there may have been times where I was a bit controlling in this area.

Yes I admit it, I’m a control freak.  Well to be more accurate, I am stubborn.  See! I admit my flaws.

View from the Empire State Building

After visiting the Empire State Building, my mom and I were looking for a place to eat.  It was already quite late and we spent the entire day walking and sight seeing so we were both physically tired.  I knew that there were a couple interesting restaurants near our hotel, but by the time we walked there, it would be very likely that the kitchens were closed and a liquid dinner would be my only option.  Normally, I wouldn’t mind but food was more appealing than a glass of wine at the time.

After a few failed attempts to hail a cab, my mom suggested some restaurants near by all of which had no appeal to me.  They were either chain restaurants, standard pub fare or a lonely looking cafeteria style restaurant.  These options were definitely not what I wanted when I was in NY.  I did not come all the way to eat at some generic place.  Here rears the ugly head that is my stubborn streak.

I didn’t have an international plane for my phone so I was unable to use any apps to find a restaurant (not making that mistake again).  So we walked around a few streets more until we found a Korean restaurant.  I think at this point, my mom was getting severely annoyed with me.

Miss Korea BBQ, what a name for a restaurant! You could tell this restaurant was authentic as most of the service staff were Korean, some of which was still struggling with English. A good sign, I reckon.

We ordered the marinated short rib BBQ (kalbi) – something familiar, something we both liked at home and that would immediately satisfy.

At this point, I knew that I needed to let go of all my former expectations and just let things happen as they do.  It was time to let my experiences come naturally rather than forced.

Miss Korea BBQ – 10 W 32nd Street, New York, NY

miss Korea BBQ on Urbanspoon

And to top off the night after a long day of walking….

A little Pinkberry always makes things better.