Brooklyn – Flea Marketing and Dough-nut-ing

I love flea markets.  Sometimes you find really random junk and sometimes, if you’re really lucky and you look hard enough, you find really awesome treasures.  Being in NYC over the weekend, I was excited to visit Brooklyn Flea.

I don’t usually go and buy clothes…it’s usually items for the home or accessories.  As much as I would love to rock vintage clothing finds, I have to admit, I don’t have the patience or the eye for it.

Check out the guy waiting in line...he looks so happy to get a doughnut!

While I had my eye on some decor and was strategically trying to figure out how to stick items in my suitcase home, my mom lined up at some food stands to find a snack.

After we met up again, my mom had a interesting item in her hand – a half eaten dulce de leche doughnut from Dough.  Dough “we fry in Bed-stuy” , is a reference to their location in Bedford Stuyvesant.  This doughnut shop / food cart specializes in unique flavor combos and batter resulting in a fresh, soft chewey doughnut.   I ate a bite, got distracted for two seconds and when I turned around, she was polishing off the last bite.  I snooze, I DEFINITELY loose.

Dough – 305 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Dough on Urbanspoon

Dang, that earl grey chocolate doughnut looks so good on Urbanspoon….Why oh WHY didn’t I go back and get my own?