New York – The Breslin

On our last night in NY, we caught another Broadway Show, Billy Elliot.

Because I purchased these tickets, I picked the most economical option knowing that most theaters were quite small and there weren’t too many bad seats.  The problem with buying tickets online is that you can’t choose your seats, a computer supposedly chooses the “best seats available”.  The best seats we got? very last row.  Since Billy Elliot wasn’t getting too much attention when we went, the theater was only approximately two thirds full.  So when the lights lowered, the ushers moved to the side and the first number began, my mom and I creeped down further until we were sitting in the first row at the next section.  Score!

The musical was amazing.  Who knew young kids could discover they have so much talent? The boy who played Billy could not only sing beautifully and act authentically, he was skilled in many forms of dance including ballet, jazz, lyrical and contemporary.  Wow! I was impressed! At eleven years of age, I was banging away on the piano convincing no one I was a prodigy of any kind.

After the play, we headed to the Ace Hotel in a trendy part of Mid-Manhattan.  I love the ACE Chain of Hotels, each have a really unique atmosphere.  When we arrived, it was already brimming with people waiting for space to catch a drink.  The bar was on the cusp of turning into a late night party venue.

The last visit I had to an ACE Hotel was in Palm Springs for work.  The restaurant at the Palm Springs ACE was memorable, definitely more for the company rather than the food. In stark contrast, the restaurant at the ACE is The Breslin, a gastropub and recipient of a Michelin Star.

The Breslin, attracting a large hipster crowd, especially after 10pm, is definitely not vegetarian friendly.  Like its counter part, The Spotted Pig, it’s focus is on pork and lamb.

I had checked out the menu before going and was set on ordering the burrata cheese plate – but it was taken off the menu! I hate setting myself up for disappointment.

I really like restaurants like the Breslin at the ACE which eventually double up as a great place to hang out after-hours.  It’s the type of place where you can just chill with friends over beer and snacks.  The beer I chose was a pale-ale called Pork Slap – they sure do love their pig here.  I was tempted to bring the can home, but I knew I had to draw the line at somewhere..I can’t be thisclose from being a horder.

Above – Arctic Char, cucumber salad and creme fraiche.  Though it was enough for me, beware, it’s on the small plates section for a reason.  The fish was beautifully done, quite fresh and wonderfully flaky with a crispy skin and just the right amount of fattiness.

My mom was facing the kitchen and noticed a whole roasted piglet sitting on the kitchen counter.  The chefs were carving the piglet and dishing it up to patrons.  My mom couldn’t stop staring and kept saying how glad she was that she didn’t order it because it was too sad to see a little pig like that.  Two seconds later, her grilled pork chop arrived on the table.  I guess eating grown pigs is ok =)

The thick cut of pork was grilled and quite tender.  It was accompanied by an assortment of beans and topped with a tomato reduction.

Right next door to the Breslin in Stumpton Coffee.  Hailed as one of the best stops for coffee, I really wanted to visit on my trip.  But alas, time was not permitting and we simply didn’t get a chance to – ah, another disappointment.  Better start making my wish list for the next visit.

The Breslin Bar and Dining Room – 16 W. 29th Street, New York, NY

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