Decompression Day Two, Part Two

My sister and brother in-law recently went on a delayed honeymoon to Bali. Haven’t been able to see them in over six weeks, and with a small window of opportunity to meet up before they took off to North Battleford, we decided to meet up for some good ol’ Chinese comfort food.

Our restaurant of choice was Dinesty Chinese Restaurant, a Northern / Shanghainese Restaurant, specializing in Xiao Long Bao (XLB) along with other delicacies. It has an affordable and extensive menu, one that is loaded with photos so if you don’t know the name of a dish you were recommended, there’s always an option for pointing and ordering.

Below are just a few of our selections:

Beef and Tendon Noodle Soup — is it just me, or is this always the standard dish everyone orders?

The noodles came with an accompaniment of pan fried pork pot stickers.

Tan-Tan Noodles – Noodles in Spicy Peanut Sauce with Preserved Vegetables and Cucumbers

Our family loves Tan-Tan Noodles, my sister especially likes to dunk anything into the bowl to soak up the beautiful, thick sauce. When I say anything, that usually includes a half eaten XLB skin – gross, I know, but somehow we stopped caring.

The quintessential XLB; a must eat when at any Northern or Shanghainese Chinese Restaurant. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who doesn’t like these. Dinesty’s version is smaller than I would like; but smaller doesn’t necessarily worst. They have quite a burst of flavor and a substantial amount of soup for the size; best of all, the skins were translucent and thin.

One day, I’m going to go to Shanghai and get a King Size XLB, and drink up the soup from a straw.

Pan-fried Beef Pancake/ Pie. I love these things because it combines the savory flavor of well season beef and the soupy goodness of XLBs. My favorite version is in Hong Kong. Dinesty’s version could use more soup; though it’s hard to resist these cute little buns. So good.

Another kind of bao, filled with Red Bean paste. My sister and brother in law are big fans of red bean, so my mother ordered this, along with another red bean dessert.

Actually, my mom ordered approximately 3 other dishes along with the above pictured ones. It was only the four of us; but for some reason, she thinks we can each eat the equivalent of 2 adults. Life gets busy and it’s always a wonderful thing for family to come together; I know I personally enjoy it and for my mother, it’s an opportunity for her to be the proverbial Chinese mom who always wants to make sure her loved ones are fed, and fed well.

Dinesty Chinese Restaurant – 8111 Ackroyd Rd, Richmond, BC

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