May Long Weekend. Part Two

Burger Heaven, I guess this is where burgers go when they die?

A few family friends are on a burger craze, or on the hunt for good burgers. One afternoon, they asked my family to join them at Burger Heaven. There isn’t really anything innovative about Burger Heaven, but at the same time, that doesn’t necessarily signify a bad thing.

Still, part of me is always drawn to the unique. I like things that are different and sometimes I like to think that I like things that no one else likes; but most of the time, that’s just my own perception.

Above –Thai Beef Burger: Topped with crunchy Peanut Butter, Green Onions and Sweet Thai Chili Sauce. I love peanut butter…I’m seriously going to slather peanut butter all over my burgers from now on.

Burger Heaven – 77 10th St, New Westminster, BC

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