Rumpus Room – The Land of the Fried

Jenn and I were in the Main Street area (yep, I know, it’s like a weekly occurrence), and I had a gift card to 49th Parallel, so we decided to meet up with my sister and brother-in-law for coffee and donuts. Shortly after, my brother in law Tim suggested we all head over to the Rumpus Room for root beer floats, laced with bourbon and Kahlua.

Great, I love root beer floats, and it was a warm afternoon. But then we looked at the menu and Jenn saw deep fried pickles. I’m not exaggerating when I say this, but Jenn has been talking about deep fried pickles for the past few months. At one point, the conversation came to a lull and out of no where, Jenn starts giggling to herself because she realized she finally gets to try deep fried pickles. Silly Friends.

And…at the last minute, Tim also decides to order deep fried avocados and bacon. I can feel the arteries clog already and this was after we each had a donut. Though I don’t really see a point to deep fried bacon, the avocados were certainly interesting.

After that, we decided to walk several blocks — obviously much needed after our fried food tour.

Rumpus Room – 2689 Main Street, Vancouver, BC
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