Catching Up…

As life progresses, it’s inevitable that some relationships will come and go. From time to time, my friends will pull out yearbooks and reminisce about how dorky we once were or read the comments classmates leave behind. I’ll admit that many of the “have a good summer” (who remembers HAGS? man that was lame) and “let’s keep in touch” in my yearbooks were written by people who I have long forgotten.

Yet there are people who are in my life now, that I struggle to remain close to. It’s always been a priority for me to keep old friends along while I make new ones. As a kid, it was easy to make friends. Heck, I was best friends with a girl because she knew how to pronounce my name. But as we get older, friendships are harder to maintain and whether I like it or not, it takes effort. These past few weeks for me have been about making that effort, and calling up friends for some quality one on one time.

  • – Catching up with a friend over pizza and dessert. My goodness, this salted caramel budino from Cotto EnotecaΒ  was truly amazing.
  • – Hanging out with old friends and laughing over silly, random, and mispelled things
  • – Meeting up with an colleague who shares my tendency to vent frustration over blizzards and carrot cakes; and finally getting to see her beautiful new baby. Those cheeks!


Cotto Enoteca – 6011 Hastings St, Vancouver, BC (Seriously, if you like creamy desserts, GET THE BUDINO)

Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria on Urbanspoon