Friday Night at Campagnolo

I willingly admit that one of my defining features and also my worst trait is that I’m remarkably impatient. Each day, I make a 60-80 minute commute to work. And like most people, I cannot stand traffic, it makes me an incredibly bitter person and more often than not, I’m usually sitting in my car pouting and yelling obscenities to other drivers who cannot hear me but yet seem to make poor driving choices that make my commute longer. (no I’m not making it up or exaggerating, yes, sometimes I make those mistakes too) When I finally stumble into work, I feel dejected, unhappy and moody. Most of the time, I sit quietly to myself for an hour or two before I decide to make any human contact — and at the end of the day, it repeats all over again. When Friday evening rolls around, all of a sudden, the angry thoughts and the frustration temporarily disappears and for a little while I am actually…. nice.

Sometimes all you really need to cure the blues away is the company of good friends and good drinks.

Risotto  – Celery Root, Bone Marrow, Apple Agrodolce

Squash Cannelloni – Ricotta, Brown Butter, Sage

Until the next Friday…

Campagnolo1020 Main St, Vancouver, BC

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