La Quinta – Hog’s Breath Restaurant


A forgotten post from Palm Springs.

When I’m travelling for business, I tend to not eat very well. Skipped or half eaten meals are typically the norm when there isn’t time to eat. Atlas, when the portions in America are huge in comparison to Canada, it subsequently helps a lot when you only have time to eat once a day.

When it comes to huge portions, Hog’s Breath is a prime example. In the middle of small, yet charming Old Town La Quinta, Hog’s main draw is being owned by Clint Eastwood. The restaurant offers a mid range selection of traditional meats and seafood dishes.

Above, duck breast and leg with butternut squash risotto, citrus glaze, braised red cabbage, port wine orange sauce. Not the best I’ve had, but definitely a satisfying first and last meal of the day.

Hog’s Breath Inn – 78065 Main St, La Quinta, CA

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